#1 Nike Air Max 720 Dámské von sooo 16.01.2020 03:20

Iíll be real with you: I didnít ďgetĒ the Air Max 720 at first. The texture of the upper seemed strange, as did its pattern, and the big wraparound Air Max bubble on the lower seemed tacky as hell. Was this really the shoe Nike would be Nike Air Max 90 Womens pushing this quarter.

It took about two days for me to realize that I was an idiot, that the Air Max 720 is awesome. That wraparound Air Max bubble on the sole ó the largest of any featured on a Nike sneaker ó is a killer innovation and once I tried a pair on for the first time I regretted ever doubting the shoe. Itís as comfy as youíd expect an Air Max sneaker to be and the futuristic design mixed Nike Air Max 2016 Dames with killer colorways inspired by nature (the desert, ocean, and the Northern Lights, for instance) makes for a fashion-forward look that is sure to catch the eyes of friends and strangers alike.

But the best is yet to come. One Thursday, Nike is releasing the Throwback Future pack to commemorate Air Max Month. The line is filled with some killer silhouettes like the Air Vapormax in some truly stunning colorways that incorporate black Adidas Ultra Boost Damesand metallic blues and greens for an intense retro-future vibe.

The crown jewel, though, is the Air Max 720 Throwback Future. Take a look at that shoe for a minute and see if it reminds you of anything. Alright, cool? Are you thinking what Iím thinking.

Thatís a Xenomorph. Thatís what a Xenomorph would look like as a sneaker. Look at that sheen black texture, at the blue-green accents, at the vibe of the whole thing. That is the creature to which one Ellen Ripley laid waste and you cannot convince me otherwise. Sure, thereís no official connection between Nikeís sneaker and the Alien franchise. But still, this sneaker does a better job of capturing that H.R Giger design vibe than the actual official Alien sneakers from a few years ago.

And look, Iím not saying you have to wear it with the intention of repping your Alien fandom. ItíNike Air Max 95 Femme s totally dope as a standalone sneaker and I, for one, look forward to wearing it nonstop over the next year. Itís just worth pointing out that this shoe is also going to be the rough equivalent of walking around with the Alien queen wrapped around your foot, but in the best way possible.

During Septemberís Q1 earnings conference call, Nike unveiled the Air Max 720, the newest member in its Air Max line, which was slated to release sometime this spring. Right on schedule, the latest model is ready to launch beginning next month.

The 720 will boast the tallest Air Max unit to date at 38 millimeters with a 360-degree see-through cushioning system. This record was previously set by last yearís Air Max 270, which stood at 32 millimeters. By having the tallest Air unit in the heel, the 720 is able to provide the most spring of any Air Nike Air Max 720 Dámské Max shoe. The sole is made from more than 75 percent recycled manufacturing waste. The runner will feature a mesh material on the upper with two additional mesh pods on the sides and heel for breathability.

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