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“It’ll never happen again.” That’s the line we always hear whenever a truly one-sided NFL trade occurs. They said it when John Elway joined the Denver Broncos Will Grier Jersey , when Herschel Walker went to the Vikings in exchange for a dynasty, and they are going to keep saying it until the end of time because the truth of the matter is that there will always be bad trades in the NFL. There is always going to be that one time with stars in their eyes that bet the farm on a single player. There are always going to be GMs and owners that just don’t understand the ramifications of their actions.While fans that have an investment in the teams that get screwed as a result of these deals, the beneficiaries of these arrangements, as well as all casual observers, will always find pleasure in asking “What were they thinking?” If there’s one thing you can say regarding such trades in the modern age, it’s that those previous incidents have taught teams valuable lessons regarding how best to avoid the most obviously bad deals. Of course http://www.carolinapanthersteamonline.com/christian-miller-jersey , those lessons couldn’t help prevent the top 15 most one-sided trades involving active NFL players. NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A court on Wednesday rejected an appeal by the man convicted of killing former Saints football star Will Smith during a traffic altercation, rejecting claims that Cardell Hayes acted in self-defense.Hayes is serving a 25-year sentence for manslaughter in the shooting death of Smith and attempted manslaughter in the wounding of Smith’s wife. The shooting happened in April 2016 as Smith and his wife and friends were driving through a New Orleans neighborhood after leaving a sushi restaurant.Hayes insisted at trial that he fired after a drunk, angry Smith retrieved a gun from his car and fired first, but he was convicted in a 10-2 decision. His lawyer argued on appeal that Hayes acted in self-defense and that evidence that surfaced after the trial lent credibility to his assertion.But in their unanimous opinion, the three-member panel of judges rejected those claims and said the “evidence presented at trial was sufficient” to convict.They wrote that the state “presented convincing evidence that Smith had retreated from the altercation.”“A rational juror could have found that Defendant’s claim that he was in imminent danger of being killed was unreasonable, and that killing Smith was not necessary to prevent whatever harm Defendant thought he faced Jordan Scarlett Jersey ,” the court wrote.The court also dismissed the new evidence presented by the defense that they said supported Hayes’ self-defense claim.Defense attorney Paul Barker argued that trial judge Camille Buras should have granted a new trial because a witness who contacted the defense a day after Hayes’ conviction said he had heard gunfire from two weapons at the time of the shooting.The witness, military veteran Michael Burnside, delivered rambling and at times profane testimony at a post-trial hearing last year, and prosecutors argued that he wasn’t credible.The appeals court agreed.“We find that Burnside’s testimony is unreliable and contradicted by eyewitness testimony and the physical evidence,” the judges wrote.Smith, a 34-year-old father of three Greedy Williams Jersey , was a defensive leader on the Saints team that lifted spirits in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. He helped carry the team to a winning season in 2006 and a Super Bowl victory four years later.Former Saint Deuce McAllister spoke of Smith’s sterling reputation among his teammates and friends during Hayes’ trial, and Hayes’ defense team argued in their appeal that they should have been allowed to introduce evidence about Smith’s arrest on a domestic abuse charge.Smith was arrested outside a southwest Louisiana bar in 2011 on misdemeanor charges of domestic abuse battery and public intoxication. Lafayette Parish prosecutors dropped the charges in 2012 after Smith completed community service and participated in counseling.But the appeals court wrote that argument was not merited and even if the court did err in excluding testimony about Smith’s arrest, it paled in comparison to the “overwhelming eyewitness, expert, and physical evidence presented at trial.”District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro praised the court’s decision.“I am very pleased with this unequivocal ruling by the appellate court affirming the convictions and sentence of Cardell Hayes. There was no justification for the brutal killing of Will Smith over a traffic dispute three years ago, and his widow Racquel has today expressed her gratitude for our defense of the trial outcome and the 4th Circuit’s decision http://www.ravensfootballauthentics.com/justice-hill-jersey-authentic ,” he said.“We will continue our efforts as needed to ensure that Mr. Hayes serves the complete sentence imposed for his criminal acts,” he said.Hayes was 29 when he was convicted in December 2016. He owned a tow-truck business, had played semi-pro football and is the father of a young son.His lawyer, Paul Barker, called the court’s decision disappointing and said he’ll ask the full 4th Circuit to hear the appeal.“We were hoping for a far different outcome,” he said. But said he spoken to Hayes’ family and told them the case was “far from over.”

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